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Dev: Top Spin won’t have legless, unfinished characters like Wii Sports

Discussion in 'Wii(volution)' started by vbt, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. vbt

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    PAM’s senior producer Jean-Yves Patay has explained that the firm’s upcoming Topspin Tennis for the Nintendo Wii will topple the console’s tennis crown contested solely by Wii Sports at present.

    “I have a son that has lots of fun with Wii Sports”, said Patay, but “Topspin on Wii will have completely different play mechanic and a different focus. There’ll be no big heads and no players without legs,” he told CVG, as he went on to explain why Topspin will be a more “finished game”.

    Source : http://www.nintendic.com/news/985

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